Volume 14

Volume 14 of the Japanese shojo manga series 'Chibi Maruko Chan' by Momoko Sakura was released on 9th September 1996 through Shueisha Comics.

Chapter listEdit

Feature content

Chapter no. Chapter Title
104 'Everyone goes for a drive'
105 'Let's eat natto*'
106 'A typhoon's coming!'
107 'Autumn of fine arts'
108 'Maruko buys ishiyakiimo**'
109 'The spiny lobster that Maruko bought'
110 'Hiroshi quits smoking'
111 'The meeting to help Fujiki overcome his cowardice'
112 'Maruko goes clam-digging' (First half)
113 'Maruko goes clam-digging' (Second half)
114 'Today's the physical strength test!!'


  • Natto (nattou, 納豆) is fermented soybeans, sometimes used in Japanese cooking. 
    • Ishiyakiimo (石焼き芋) are sweet potatoes which are roasted on hot pebbles.

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